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School Dates 2017

Term 3: 17th July to 22nd September

All students are required to attend school on Friday as this counts as a part of their 90% attendance. As always, we will attempt to make contact with an individual parent/guardian of each student absent.  Classes will continue to run as normal except for a shortened timetable. Each class will only run for 50 minutes with a final finish time of 2pm.

We hope that students use this time wisely and also have a restful break.

Term 4: 9 October to -

Year 12 VCE students finish October

Year 12 VCAL students finish 25 November

Year 11 finish 1st December

Year 10 finish 8th December

Timetable and Start Times 2018

During term 2 staff and students at TSC have been reviewing our current timetable structure. Led by Assistant Principal Martin Mielimaka, the college has investigated possible future directions for our timetable. Areas for improvement and change were identified and we are now planning to implement a range of changes to our timetable for 2018.
The key changes for 2018 are:

  • A 10 day timetable
  • An increase of time in each subject from 4 hours per week to 4.5 hours
  • A new start time of 9.15am for students and a later finish of 3.20pm to support students currently arriving late due to dropping off siblings at our P-9 feeder schools.
  • A later lunch break for students
  • A stronger focus on pathways for our students

We are looking forward to rolling out our new timetable that we are sure will better prepare our students for their futures.



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